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It’s Back: Pizza Hut’s Salad Bar Returns to Hong Kong

The nostalgic favourite returns to selected Pizza Hut restaurants for a limited time

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Pizza Hut is bringing back the all-time-favourite Salad Bar to ten of its Hong Kong restaurants for 40 days. From 1 November until 10 December 2021, diners can add a fresh, healthy side to their meals by stacking their very own salad bowl at Pizza Hut restaurants throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The offer is available for lunch and dinner for an additional HK$40 with any dine-in purchase.

The Salad Bar will return almost exactly as it is remembered. There will be a wide variety of fresh vegetables to choose from, from cherry tomatoes to sweet corn, pineapples and more, which diners will be able to assemble in Pizza Hut’s nostalgia-evoking brown bowls. After stacking their bowls, diners can measure up their creations in front of the large-scale Salad Bar height measurer, perfect for a throwback social media memory.

New pizzas, dining discounts and more

As one of the world’s largest pizza restaurants, Pizza Hut continues to lead the charge in pizza-novation. Its 40th anniversary is no exception, with the restaurant delivering a range of new pizzas, discounts and in-store activations.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong has expanded its menu with a number of new items, a Char Siu Pizza with pineapple, a creative twist on classic Hong Kong flavours; a 5 Cheese Honey Pizza featuring 5 types of cheeses including Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese and Cream Cheese, perfect for all cheese-lovers; a 3 Cup Chicken Pizza, which recreates the aromatic flavours of the classic Taiwanese dish; and an Oatmeal Pizza, which is a new addition to Pizza Hut’s growing Green Menu. For diners with different cravings, a crispy Chicken Pesto Burger with a side of perfectly cooked potato waffles, Fettuccine Alle Vongole and Spicy Prawn Jambalaya Rice with Baked Chicken are also new and not-to-be-missed items to savour. Pizza Hut Hong Kong is also excited to offer 50% off a la carte pizza,  takeaway (minimum one pizza) and delivery (minimum two pizzas) orders from now until 14 November 2021, encouraging diners to share in the celebration of its 40th anniversary.