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At Jardine Restaurant Group (JRG), our brands live and breathe our great love for food. Our growing and diversifying portfolio continues to innovate and share the simple joys of food with our customers, partners and communities.


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We never stand complacent with the status quo and are always hungry to craft the most enjoyable experiences for our customers. By leveraging advanced technologies, embracing innovation and finding new synergies, we pride ourselves on delivering our best to spice up every customer’s experience with us.

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Embracing a digital journey to make every customer experience great.

Delighting through innovation and pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

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Prioritising health and safety to protect our customers and our staff.

Striving to be the best

LEED Gold Certification – Pizza Hut Lieu Giai

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Top 10 Vietnam Gold Brand 2024

Ministry of Communications and Foreign Affairs

Gold Award in Advertiser of the Year – Strategy Award (Marketing Technology Application)

Taiwan Advertisers' Association and Brain Magazine

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