Not just food, but a joyful experience.

At Jardine Restaurant Group (JRG), we never stand complacent with the status quo and are always hungry to craft the most enjoyable experiences for our customers. By leveraging advanced technologies, embracing innovation and finding new synergies, we pride ourselves on delivering our best to spice up every customer’s experience with us.

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Embracing a digital journey

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Delighting through innovation

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Prioritising health and safety

Embracing a digital journey

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Smart food lockers

Our smart food locker technology compromises neither food safety nor taste for mere convenience. The first smart click-and-collect food lockers in KFC Taiwan offer an end-to-end contactless and hassle-free experience where customers can pre-order online, pick up from the lockers and save waiting time.

Deliciously delivered

We endeavour to ensure that every meal we deliver is fresh, hot and safe. That is why we work hard to perfect our delivery management system. With our auto-dispatch, rider tracking and cross-platform integration capabilities, we are able to enhance our fleet management and delivery efficiency to delight our customers with enjoyable dining experiences.

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Seamless omnichannel experience

We want our customers to enjoy a great experience every time. Whether it be our click-and-collect mobile app, web ordering service or in-store self-ordering kiosks, we ensure all digital and physical touchpoints are seamlessly integrated and designed for a pleasant customer experience.

Delighting through innovation

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Out-of-store strategy

We want to make delicious food available to everyone, and our out-of-store (OOS) strategy ensures that we can cater to different customer needs. Whether it be a lunchtime grab-and-go, after-work hangouts or home party delivery, our food selections are accessible through our takeout, delivery and drive-through options.

Store format strategy

We diversify our store formats to blend into every neighbourhood. From our Express stores that combine dine-in and to-go for city dwellers at bustling railway hubs, to drive-throughs that bring convenience for drivers in suburban areas, to spacious modern restaurants for family and friends to gather, we adapt quickly to suit the needs of different neighbourhoods.

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Innovative flavours

We are a team of food lovers with experience in a wide range of brands and cuisines, passionate about creating new flavourful journeys for our customers. Our Research and Development team works to create unique flavours through experimenting with different ingredients and multi-cultural cuisines. Our concept stores offer a space for us to seek real-time customer feedback in order for us to perfect our new concepts.

Prioritising health and safety

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Food safety

For us, food safety is non-negotiable. It is at the core of how we operate, from food ingredients and production to equipment and facilities. We carry out frequent compliance checks against stringent internal and regulatory standards across markets. To ensure a robust food safety framework, we also engage third-party professionals to conduct regular audits at our restaurants and suppliers.

Hygiene standards

We understand that hygiene is your utmost priority and so is ours. We ensure that our teams have new technologies and tools to protect the safety of our customers and employees. Our auto hand-washing stations at KFC offer a touchless hand-washing experience, saving both water and soap. We also leverage artificial intelligence smart cameras to monitor hygiene measures and procedures in stores.

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Strict delivery guidelines

We ensure that our food is delivered safely and soundly. Food pouches and trunks are thoroughly sanitised before and after each delivery. The packaging of every order has a ‘sealed for safety’ sticker to assure our customers that the food is safe and untouched throughout the entire delivery journey.